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Solid sheet plate material
What polycarbonate panels that?
Polycarbonate panels (also known as the PC board, polycarbonate, solid panels, bulletproof glass, Kabu Long board, solid board, polycarbonate panels, aviation perspective plate) is a high-performance engineering plastic polycarbonate or polycarbonate - --- acid resin processing characteristics: impact-resistant, unbreakable: strength than glass, acrylic plate hundreds of times, tough security, security, bulletproof best. It can be arched, flexible: good workability, plasticity, can according to the actual needs of the construction site, bent arched, semi-circular pattern. Light weight, easy handling: weight and only half a glass, handling installation saves time and effort, convenient and easy to construction management. Weather resistance, excellent lighting: long-term UV exposure, lighting effects privileged, can save a lot of overhead section of the source. PC modification can acid and alkali, the need to add dedicated to anti-aging agent.
The main purpose of polycarbonate panels
Nai Liban applies Gallery Pavilion gardens, entertainment venues singular decoration and rest place
Interior and exterior do wardrobe polycarbonate panels for commercial buildings, modern city building curtain wall;
For aviation transparent container, motorcycle windshield, aircraft, trains, ships, cars, boats, submarines and police glass shield;
It applies to telephone booths, advertising signs, logo advertising light boxes, exhibition display arrangement; suitable equipment, instrumentation, low voltage counter

Board, LED panel and military industries;
Suitable for wall, roof, screens and other high-grade interior decoration materials;
For highway and urban elevated road noise barriers;
For agricultural greenhouse and breeding shed;
Applicable to modern eco-restaurant ceiling;
Applies to bicycle shed in all units or cells, balcony and roof canopy shade rest pavilion shed;
Suitable for office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, stadiums, recreation centers and utilities ceiling lighting and so on.
2.7 m wide polycarbonate panels installed successfully in Wuxi, greatly enhance the visual effect. 2.7 meters widely used in curtain solid sheet product performance
(A) mechanical properties
Impact strength: PC sheet with excellent impact resistance, it is 250 times higher than conventional glass, 30 times higher than the acrylic sheet. The impact strength of polycarbonate panels Pc like called "transparent plate," said.
Good tensile strength, PC solid sheet heat resistance even at 120 ℃, the tensile strength is still up 350kgf / cm2.
Bending strength: PC solid sheet bending is good, even if the bending angle of 90 °, still broken.
Fatigue and creep resistance: PC solid sheet creep resistance is the best in the thermoplastic plastic. Even at high temperature creep is still small.
(B) thermal performance
Melting temperature shape: PC Solid sheet-shaped melting temperature of 135 ℃, its continuous use temperature of 120 ℃.
Linear expansion coefficient: linear expansion coefficient of 7 × 10-5cm / cm / ℃ in plastic in the case of smaller.
Brittle transition temperature: PC solid sheet brittle transition temperature of -40 ℃, the minimum continuous use temperature of -30 ℃, the plastic is generally not comparable.
Flammability: PC solid sheet is a flame retardant self-extinguishing plastic one, it does not produce toxic gases when heated to high temperatures.
Thermal conductivity: PC solid sheet of thermal conductivity and the general plastic difference little glass 1/4, 1/300, 1/1000 aluminum, copper, iron 1/2000, is one of the excellent insulation properties of materials .
(C) optical properties
Transmittance: PC solid sheet of light transmission rate of 85% and a glass quite.
Weather resistance: general long-term exposure to outdoor PC endurance sheet, by ultraviolet radiation can lead to yellowing and surface degradation. Yahweh PC sheet surface with a layer of anti-UV layer, even if long-term exposure to outdoor, optical and mechanical properties did not change significantly.
(D) insulation
PC sheet effect of noise is higher than the glass 3-4DB, is currently the material of choice for highway noise barriers.
PC sheet is light rail project, Tianjin, Wuhan light rail project and the choice of many cities nationwide road noise barriers.
(E) Chemical resistance
Polycarbonate at room temperature for weak acid, weak base properties and good resistance to alcohol, but the strong acid and alkali resistance performance benzene, chlorinated hydrocarbons and esters somewhat less apt to dissolution, swelling or decomposition phenomenon. Because of its chemical resistance, and high and low temperature, internal residual stress magnitude and the length of time of exposure, it should pay particular attention prior to use.
Advantages polycarbonate panels
Translucent: solid sheet of light transmission rate of up to 89%, glass phase deceased mother with the United States. UV coated plate in the sun, prolonged sun exposure does not produce yellowing, fogging, poor light transmission, light transmission loss after ten years only 10%, PVC turnover rate is as high as 15% -20% glass fiber 12 % -20%.
Anti-impact: Impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 30 times that of same thickness of acrylic sheet is tempered glass 2-20 times, with two meters below 3kg hammer falling and no cracks, there is "no broken glass" and "ring of steel" reputation.
UV: PC board side coextrusion with anti-ultraviolet (UV) coating on one side with anti-condensation process, set UV, heat insulation anti-droplet-in-one. Can block ultraviolet rays pass through, and for the protection of precious works of art and exhibits, making it from UV damage.
Light weight: accounts for only half of the glass, saving transportation, unloading move, the cost of installing and supporting frame.
Retardant: the national standard GB50222-95 confirmation, solid sheet of flame level, ie B1 level. PC board's own ignition is 580 ℃, away from the fire self-extinguishing, does not produce toxic gases when burned, will not contribute to the spread of fire.
Bendable: according to the design site use of cold-formed, the installation into the arched, semi-circular roof and windows. Minimum bend radius is 175 times the thickness of the plate using, also bending.
Sound insulation: solid sheet of noise effect is obvious, there is a better sound insulation than the same thickness of glass and Acrylic panels, in thickness under the same conditions, the polycarbonate panels to improve sound insulation than glass 5-9DB. Highway noise barriers is the material of choice in the international arena.
Energy conservation: Xia Tianbao cold, winter insulation, polycarbonate panels have more than ordinary glass and thermal conductivity (K value) of other plastics, insulation effect of 7% -25% higher than the same glass, polycarbonate panels to heat up 49%. So that heat loss is greatly reduced, and used to warm the equipment building, an environmentally friendly material.
Temperature adaptability: PC board does not occur at -40 ℃ cold crisp when not soften at 125 ℃, in the harsh environment no significant change in its mechanical, mechanical properties.
Weather resistance: polycarbonate panels can maintain the stability of the physical indicators in the range of -40 ℃ to 120 ℃. Artificial weathering test 4000 hours, yellowing degree 2, light transmission rate decreased value of only 0.6%.
Anti-condensation: the outdoor temperature is 0 ℃, the indoor temperature is 23 ℃, indoor relative humidity below 80%, the inner surface of the material non-condensing. Condensate will flow along the surface of the plate away, will not drip.
Simple and convenient, is not as bulky traditional materials in recent years is widely used in China's coastal area of the city.

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