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Sunshine board edge rugged conditions
Whether wet or dry method assembly assembling method, regardless of the level of vertical and inclined installation. The hollow sun panel installation project is a very important fastening edge, we must pay attention to the following points:

(1) In connection profiles or in framed insert slot must remain an effective space for the plate by expansion and displacement under load. Linear thermal expansion coefficient of the hollow sun board is 7 × 10m / mk, ie, the temperature is increased by 1 ℃, 1m × 1m plate along the longitudinal direction of each expansion 0.075mm, the user shall be in accordance with the project site four seasons temperature difference calculate the installation space of data: such as the northern region, the maximum temperature of 40 ℃, the lowest temperature of -30 ℃, 1m × 1m plate mounting space reserved for the 0.07 × 70 = 4.9mm

(2) the sheet is clamped in at least part of the arrow containing a rib or part on the edge of the plate is engaged with the smallest 20mm.

In general, the total depth of the slot configuration profiles should include the engagement of 20mm plus loads due to thermal expansion and deformation caused by the gap to be set aside.

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