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Regalon® Polycarbonate Skylight


Regalon® Polycarbonate Skylights are neoteric plastic building material used in engineering skylighting and they are produced through advanced thermoforming techniques using high quality polycarbonate solid sheets. Having the performance of light weight, high impact resistance, excellent light performance and weather resistance, they are widely in public skylight.


Regalon® Polycarbonate Skylights offer a range of shapes including dome, pyramid, polygon and etc, together with variable colors and textures, they provide more space for architects in designing.

Regalon® Polycarbonate Skylights have good heat insulation and light control abilities; they can block the majority of harmful UV radiation and build a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

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Main Benefits

  • Waterproof & Light weight
  • Heat Insulation
  • Light transmission & Impact resistance
  • Anti-corrosion

Typical Applications

  • Building lobby, plants, shopping malls, hotels
  • Restaurants, stadiums, hospitals, entertaiment centers
  • Stations, carparks, pavilions, ceiling lighting for corridors and other communal facilities
  • Anti-riot shields, mechanical shutter, auto partition, advertising light boxes, lamp shades, etc.
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